SF Elite or Elite+ limbs?


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I?ve been using some SF Premium fibre / wood limbs for a while and as I need to go up in weight thought I would upgrade to something a little better at the same time. I had decided on the SF Elite carbon / foam limbs, which I can get for ?135, but then found that I could get the Elite+ for ?225... this seems like a cracking price, so now I?m not sure what to do ? I can?t try them out before hand (nowhere nearby has them), so would be very interested to hear any opinions from those who have used either or both of these limbs. Is it worth the extra for the Elite+?



If you can get the Elite + limbs for ?225 then go for them, no question! :D they've had some great reviews and that's a bargain.
They're the SF top of the range limbs with the rrp of ?300.
just to say ive been useing the Elite limbs gutted i got them when thay were 175 pounds a pair lol but saying that there great i would recomend them ive had one dry fire with them and 2 arrows come off the string due to badly fitting tab pinching the knock of the arrow and apart from the #### twitching bang that sounds like a shot gun going off lol not a mark on them and ive shot around 1500 arrows since the last mishap so yeh i would recomend them but carnt say much on the Elite + limbs other than thats my next set of limbs when i can afford them