Compound Bow Show us your Compound setup



Hoyt Podium X Elite 50 - 60
Spiral Pro 3C
JBK Bowstrings - Brownell Fury
Shibuya Ultima CPX 365 (with Pee Wee Doinkers)
MAC Ten Zone Scope with 0.75 Dioptre Lens
Trophy Taker Spring Steel 2 rest
34" HMC 22 Long rod with 7oz weights connected via an Easton 10? QD
12" HMC 22 Side rod with 20ox weights connected via Doinker AOSM offset
Carter Only release aid
28.5" 380 X10 Protours 120gr Tungsten Points 1.75" Bohning X-vanes Beiter Hunter pin nocks
30" 2315 X7 Eclipse 220gr Pro Pin points 4" Shield Feathers Beiter Hunter nocks


The Meggy

New member
I suspect I've seen that bow somewhere before Aleatorian, and a very nice (and effective in your hands) setup it is too. :)

The Meggy

New member
A couple of pictures of the new Bowtech Fanatic 2.0, taken on Saturday (27th August) at the club. Not sure what to say beyond that, except I'm still really happy with this bow, having had it for a few weeks now. We are still getting to know each other, but it seems like a promising partnership. I've shot two tournaments with the bow now, both York rounds - yesterday at Spalding, and a couple of weeks before that at Boston. At both events, I got exactly the same score for the round, and for the individual distances: 1190, 100yds 570, 80yds 408, 60yds 212. Not sure what the chances of doing that are - I was honestly just trying my best on both shoots, and trying to focus on each arrow. But it is a bit higher score level than I've managed for a fair while, so does seem to bode well for the future.

Bowtech 270816-1.jpgBowtech 270816-2.jpg



Here's mine - Hoyt Ignite, Shibuya sight, Cartel scope and a recent addition that's made a BIG difference, a "proper" rest - will probably sell the old biscuit one. It's really boosted my scores - 543 on a Portsmouth last week (I started shooting on February this year).



My bow is a blackout carbonmatrix. It doesn't show up very well in this picture due to its stealth capability.