Sight markings


Cheers, Bimble. I was wondering how both could be seen as unfair, but your explanation answers that perfectly.
I was looking at some similar rules and I noted in some disciplines it states " memoranda not allowed".
From what you have just written, I guess that means references to how to change things and by what amounts for uphill /downhill etc.


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Good stuff Geoff; that makes sense. I found the shape of the graph curve quite interesting and it helps me predict those middle distances where I don?t have an exact mark.

I found that you need to be flexible; the target may be uphill, downhill, really low, your standing (or even kneeling) position is often tricky, etc. All great fun and makes the archery feel more ?real.?

Short range is definitely hard on the arrows; they really do ?thwack? into that target so definitely one for the xx75s not the ACGs.