[English Longbow] slipping and sliding


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I know I mustnt complain, its just beautiful weather to shoot in, but today, with the grass just a bit long, I just couldn't find my arrows, well at least, the ones that didn't hit the target. Ive changed to brass bullet points rather than the needle points I used to have. At 70 meters you'd expect them to sit up but they were hitting the hard earth and then sliding along amongst the grass. Because of this, it was almost impossible to work out an aiming point, because I couldnt see where the arrows had landed! its the first time I've shot this bow at 70 so I don't feel too bad and at least I recovered them all before I left. Took me about half hour with the metal detector.


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It's just toooo hot to shoot Dave, i would be like a bare behind brickie looking for my arrows....


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Nonsense its lovely weather to be shooting in, just wear lots of suncream, have lots to drink and some nibbles and you'll be fine. Better than being stuck in an office to cramed into a moving greenhouse otherwise known as a metro.
We get the problem of sliding arrows alot because the grass is really short as we shoot on a field shared by cricket, so its not uncommon to miss at 60 and be wandering off to the 100yd marks to find them.