String/Cable Length.... increased wheel diameter


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Hope you all have been well....
Need some assistance..

OEM AIM Hoyt Pro Hunter: BH 9 15/16" DW 50lbs
string length 58"
cable length 47.5"
string wheel dia 2.30"
string wheel cir 7.23"
cable wheel dia 1.85"
cable wheel cir 5.81"

new larger wheels:
string length ???
cable length ???

sw dia 2.95"
sw cir 9.27"
cw dia 2.07"
cw cir 6.50"

string wheel total difference cir 4.08"
cable wheel total difference cir 1.38"

plus about 5/8" for larger wheels o.d.

what do you recommend for string and cables?

NOW..... the aim is to put the larger wheels and indentical limbs on an riser that is 1.5" shorter: 23 1/2" ...... 22"

My guess: sw length 62" plus and cables at 49" minus ?


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Put the whole lot together.
Put the existing strings and cables on. See how far out of spec it is.
Tie knots in them until you get the right length.
Make new strings that length.

I'm sure you could work it out somehow, but I'd go with the empirical approach for something like this...


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Did my teachers lie when they said..... math solves all ;)

The extra cable set of 47.5" and 58" string will be a bit short...... so with my poor math skills I think 49" cables and 62' string ........then press it and see if it's within twist range.....
unless directed otherwise. :D


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I would ask some of the frankenbow masters on AT, there may even be someone local to you. We tend not to do this sort of playing as we can't afford the string sets.


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Lancaster had 49 1/2" control cables and a 63" string as no 64" strings were in stock. Empirically speaking .... hopefully close. ;)