string walking


evening all. I usually gap shoot but at 20yds outside my aim is a long way in front of the boss. so I have been reading about string walking but there is a lot of contradictory info. the one I am most interested in is that the uneven pull/release will damage the bow. as I have not long had it (triple lam) I don't want to break it. what are peoples thoughts


Hi when you say triple lam I am assuming it's a longbow? I would only consider string walking with an ILF recurve, never with an all wooden bow.

Edit - just saw which bow style category this was posted in. Definite no to string walking.

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Longbows when made are tillered really for a Mediterranean style draw and have the force distributed evenly. With a string walk you are changing that and putting more weight on one limb than another. If you want a change from gap shooting, try face walking. So rather than moving your hand on the string, change your anchor point depending on distance.


Or, just use a O-ring band on the upper limb and use that as a sight to place level with the gold, I regularly shoot 500 Potsmouths with one.
I've been shooting an Olympic Recurve for over two years and am on the point of buying a one piece wooden recurve field bow just for a bit of variety.
I've shot a friends one piece and found string walking the most accurate method but now think it may not be the right way.
I can see how string walking would put more strain on one limb over the other so i will have to avoid that and try either face walking or gap shooting.
Great advice guys.