Super Mirage - info sought


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We were having a sort out in the club container putting up some bows ready for our next influx of beginners when I happened upon the following club bow :

It it was donated many years ago together with other ILF risers & stuff by a former retiring club member but no one shoots it as we only have the limbs fitted in the picture.

It is absolutely exquisite and feels incredible in the hand - I have blagged the use of it for indoor barebow this coming winter season as I shot a dozen random XX75's through it and I have fallen in love.

Cannot find any info online but would appreciate a little history on the model and advice as to string spec & brace height, etc please if anyone knows.

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It's incredible Tom, the riser has a gorgeous contoured grip that fits my big old hand like it was made for me - will drop off the sight on Saturday and give it a go as a barebow @ 20yds. I have my old set of XX75 1816's which in theory are borderline T3/T4 with my 28"draw so should spine nicely with this bow.



Well, there were Mirages on the line when I started going to competitions (which would be nearly 30 years ago now). They're a part of the reason I've now got a Border handle...
I can't recall what the "super" part referred to, I wonder if it's from adding carbon to the limbs...
Interesting that the limbs appear to be signed...

Border *may* have some information, older bows are tricky. Sid may comment...
Another thing to try is to post the pics on the Border Facebook page, as that gets a fair bit of traffic.

As a guideline on BH etc, I'd probably start with what Border currently suggests for CV limbs (which are a conventional profile).


Mirage appeared circa '82/'83, first ad. i've seen mention it is from '83.
Just found Quicks 80/81 Catalogue with the Mirage:

It could well be the exoticness of the woods either in the riser and/or the limb laminations
e.g. the difference between a Falcon & Super Falcon....
....where the Super was made with a "Rosewood" riser & mid-limb lamination.
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.... & now in Quicks 81/82:
.... which supports my previous suggestion:
- Mirage - random hardwoods in 3-lam riser;
- Deluxe Mirage - single central Rosewood lam. in riser;
- Super Mirage - 2 outer Rosewood lams around central ? lam.;
- Super (Mirage) limbs - Rosewood fadeouts.