Target to field - who has made the move


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Yep I?m similar and my target club, while friendly enough, completely lacks any sort of encouragement, doesn?t seem to give a stuff about kids (I shoot with my son) and when I do well, seems to take it as an affront.

The field club encourages everyone, is more laid back and just so much more inclusive. Plus the variety is just so must more interesting. I too did a Hereford a while back; 144 arrows which took all day and literally had my son in tears (he was 8 at the time) with frustration. He loves the field stuff.

My mind is made up; no more target archery. Except practice in the garden.
I moved from target to field some years ago, never looked back.

I'll still shoot target for practise occasionally, but far prefer the constant changes in shooting of field.

Just in the process of making up new arrows for a new bow for at return after about 2 or 3 years non-shooting (life got in the way, then I went travelling for 15 months. :) )