Testers required - Kindle Paperwhite


So what with the nice sunny weather, regular screens are very difficult to see clearly.
Not so the Paperwhite with its touch screen!

It has an experimental browser.
It is slow and clunky and limited it its use.
It doesn't present a web page as expected.
It has no screen rotation option.

But . . .

The screen is visible in full sun.
You can turn it off and it remembers the content of the web page.
It is relatively cheap to buy (compared to phones which I see most people using).

- - - - - - - - - - -

I came up with some files that you can download and run an archery scoring system.
I treat mine as a piece of paper - no round saving.

Wondered if there might be a call for such a thing?
Wondered if someone might want to test it for me?

PM please