time to eat my words


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recently i asked about possible new bow options, and totaly discountd the new bowtech's on the grounds that they were not pleasing to my eye.
had pretty much settled on the proelite but then got the chance to really have a go with another archers bowtech commander.
Boy was i ever wrong, it was just such a great bow to shoot with, though not set up for me it was just such a joy to shoot.
guess the words about not judging a book by its cover kinda come to mind.
as you can guess a new commander has been orderd and should be with me in the very near future along with lots of other goodies for me to play with.
guess theres gonna be a long chat with the bank manger in the near future as i kinda went a little crazy. Weeellll i really will need those new indoor arrows for the winter and of course i have to have a proper well matched set for outdoors and whats the point of puting and old basic toxonics sight thats a pig to adjust on such a freaky good bow and if your gonna have a good sight well you just have to have a really good scope, and sure while im at it i might as well give up that half knackerd wrist release thats forever jaming for a new shiny four finger release that i really like. and of course i do really really need a good case to keep all this stuff in and to prevent it from damage.
and of course its only prudent to ensure that i have a spare set of stings and cables, just in case. and of couse i just had to have a new bowstand i mean what am i going to do put it on the ground???
ah well at least im gonna be so broke that i wont be able to afford nights at the pub so will just have to spend them shooting my bow. ahhh lifes tough but i guess these scrifices have to be made and hard though it my be i guess i will just have to do it.


I know the feeling; shoots very nicely doesn't it? Nothing else like it either, apart from the Guardian, obviously. MMMmmmm.


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Just 'cos it looks strange don't mean it will shoot strange. Otherwise I would be getting some really weird shots.