WARNING! The dangers of ebay sellers & buyers


Is the problem that it is bent, or that there is no stand with it?
The wood panels look authentic, are they included in the price?


Withdrawn for destruction

withdrawn perhaps it broke
Buyer was asked if it was reverse-handle bow - he said he knew nothing about archery but had been shooting it.
The limb shape looked all wrong (like it was strung back to front) - apart from the handle giveaway.

My suggestion was that either the bow was/would damaged shotting it like that & an unsuspecting buyer could be injured.

He's withdrawn it & going to destroy it.

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While quite shocking, that's not the problem with eBay.

A few years back I bought a very rare riser over eBay (turned out the seller lived about a mile from me - who knew?) paid, got the riser and was happily shooting it when my mother sent me a link and said "hey look, there's another one just like yours!"

Just like mine.

It was the same ad, from a different seller - the whole thing had been copied and pasted as a scam!

Ironically, the ad included the serial number, so I could easily prove to eBay that it was a fake.

Caveat emptor, indeed


D-curve? Any bowyers out there?

It looks like a fine D-curve. :)
I don't think so.

Ask yourself 2 questions:
1. Is it a reverse-handled bow?
Don't think so, I haven't seen many, but the handle fade-outs into the limbs
are NOT typically as abrupt as this.

2. What are those hinge-like features, say 6-8" in from the limb tips?
Looks like the place where there's a slight reflex/deflex or recurve & it's been
braced the wrong way.
The D is not smooth (because of those hinges).

It looks a bit like an old Slazenger flat bow.

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For Goodness sake people...... are you really all that stupid??

Anyone scan see this bow has been specifically designed for shooting backwards! :liar:


Not the first time I've seen that... I even saw a target bow, once with the button fixed into the long rod bushing like a little stabiliser...
On the other hand, a friend once picked up a fully carbon dual-click for the price you'd normally see a standard one go... Sometimes seller stupidity is an advantage for the purchaser...


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Aaahhh! You mean it's a suicide bow?

(Personally I thought the photo had been printed inside out!)

Not bad for 99p,,,,surely?

I'll get my coat and leave now......


To buy all the stuff he listed NEW comes in at about ?500 max.
It's the 3rd time he's listed it, maybe he thinks that because someone is "watching" it for giggles he might get a buyer ... :D