[Horsebow] What arrows for 50# horsebow?

Mr R

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Hi guys, what size arrows would you recommend for a 50# horsebow?

I went down my local archery shop this afternoon to try out some horsebows which I'm planning to get next week.

I tried an number of types and draw weights and settled on a 50# Grozer Hungarian and an arrow length of 29in.

In regards to the question on arrows, would you suggest going with a 5/16 arrow or 11/32.

The 5/16 POC Premium shafts only go up to 45-50lb, but the 11/32 can go 45-50, 50-55lb and above.

Thanks for any help


The answer I got from the manufacturer of my Hungarian bow before I bought it was - pound for pound. That would mean a 50# spine which would be 11/32". My 11/32" arrows, where most are about 53# spine, fly out of my bow O.K. It is not, however, an exact science as combinations of thick shaft, heavy pile, will shoot similar to a lighter shaft with light piles. The length of fletches will also influence flight. It is better to try a selection of arrows otherwise it could cost a bit before you get the correct arrow. Hope that helps.


Del the Cat

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All the below is just my opinion, not based on extended horsebow experience (but I have made and shot one).
Horsebows are pretty narrow at the grip, so don't need such a soft spine as a longbow. This means you can pretty much get a spine the same as the draw weight, so I'd guess 45-50 for a 50# bow. (Whereas a longbow would prob need 40-45)
Either 5/16 or 11/32 would do, but for longevity 11/32 would prob be better.
With the narrow grip, long draw and the smoother force draw curve of a horse bow I would expect it to be fairly tollerant of variations in spine.
I'd strongly recommend making up your own arrows, it's cheaper and it's easier to experiment and repair 'em too.

Mr R

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BillM, thanks for that. I thought the 11/32" arrows would be the better choice but just wanted confirmation.

I'll get the shop to check the poundage of the bow when I get it next week, and selecting arrow shafts.

Mr. R

Mr R

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Del, I'm used to the narrow grip as I also shoot a compound, I was amazed on different it felt to draw compared to the other bow type I have with similar poundage.

I was hoping to use the arrows I use on my longbow as it's the same poundage but the archery shop said the same thing, spine them pound for pound.

I do make up my own arrows; I don't know if its me, but there is something calming or therapeutic when fletching arrows, especially wooden ones. I can loose hours! and I do mean hours varnishing and deciding the feather colour combinations.

Del the Cat

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Try your longbow arrows, they'll prob be fine, if not you'll know to go a tad stiffer.
Being a tad underspined will prob just mean they just take a little longer to settle in flight.
I try to minimise the amount of different arrows I use. I basically have 5/16 at about 40/45 with either 70 or 100gn piles which will shoot ok out of anything from 40# primitive flatbow to 60# longbow at a push. I do have some 11/32 spined at about 55-60 with 100gn piles for Longbows 60# and over. It's surprising how quickly you just get used to the arrow/bow combination you have in your hand.
Mind I'm talking short range field shooting, not target.
Shooting at at 10 yards into my garage at a small white target with minimal lighting is a good test for my arrows. I can't see them in the target, so I can't compensate, it lets me see where they are grouping.
Yesterday my son was having a go and was spraying them around a bit. I turned the end light off so he couldn't see where they were going and said "just shoot 'em as fast as you can but without rushing". I handed him the next arrow as soon as he'd loosed, the last made a funny noise and he wondered if he'd missed and hit the netting. I went and got the target to show him (he's in a wheel chair) they were in a group the size of a tea cup and the odd noise was the last one nestling in along side one of the others :). I couldn't have done a better demo' of avoiding 'overthink' if I'd tried.
(Happiness is a dozen freshly made arrows)
BTW, If you haven't seen it before have a shufti at my website (Google 'Delsbows' to find it) there's a nice vid of my son shooting the bow in question (not to mention the Chinese Repeating Crossbow)


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Mr R,

On my 55lb Kaya Khan I use 29" Easton XX75 Gamegetter's in 2016 size, 100gr field points (using inserts) with three (3) inch TrueFlight parabolic feather fletchings left offest by 1 degree - arrow weight is 30 g (ca 463 grains) ; this combo has worked exceptionally well. Previously I used 11/32 POC cedar shafts spined 50 - 55 lb (too high ?) but found the Easton aluminium arrows much better (for me).

Good luck :)

Have fun & a good Sunday :)

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Ally arrows from a horsebow? Shocking ;)

On a Grozer Hungarian - as been mentioned I'd go pound for pound with 100gn points to start with. Is it a base bow or an extra? You can also go 50/55 with bamboo (very nice from a horsebow). We are also Grozer dealer ;)



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Jason, where on your website do you have grozer bows?

What is your personal opinion on the falco storm?