Where to get foam for layered foam targets


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Hi All

I was shooting at my local club and they had a layered foam boss for compound use. One of the chaps said "cant get this stuff" referring to the layered foam. I laid a hardwood floor not too long ago and under it was a layer of grey foam. Comes in packs folded ziz zag fashion for ease of storage and packing. I though that this would be a good replacement but it may be a little thick? I?ve seen it in large Wilkinson?s .

I?ve also started a cling wrap target. Go to your local plant nursery and ask for their waste cling wrap, they get through tons of it wrapped around pallets and plant trolleys. Stuff it into an old builders sandbag, the sort you can order large quantities of sand in and pack in down till you have a full / half full bag.

Anyone tried this before?



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I make most of my targets from sacks stuffed with plastic, mainly cling wrap and some bags. I get both from local supermarkets and DIY stores, all their stuff that gets delivered on pallets is wrapped so there is plenty around and most are happy to give it away. If there are any warehouses in your area it is worth checking them out as they also get tons of the stuff.

I tend to use feed sacks (obtained for free from rural stores, that is a store that sells cattle feed etc), to stuff the plastic into but as they will disintegrate under our sun (I live in Australia) I wrap them in hessian, obtained from garden centres.



Try Merlin Archery. I was told by an archer that is where they get some. You can apparently but it by the foot in depth.