Which tripod ?


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Picked up an Aldi scope (?20) for casual outdoor range use, and looking for a cheap tripod to go with it ?

Amazon have an "Amazon basic" and a Hama Star 61 (both ?17).

Just wondered if anyone has used or have thoughts on these two tripods ?



OR . . . not looking for world class - so any suggestions of a budget/usable tripod welcomed :cool:


I have the Hama 61. Works, light, cheap. In wind you might want to tie it down of hang a weight off of it because with scope it becomes top heavy. Isn't sturdy so when knocked over or dropped things might bent or break.
With any tripod; check how you want to transport it, and does it fit in your bag if you want it to. I bought a new cheap one which folded down smaller.


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The Aldi scopes are nice & light so you can get away with a light tripod too.

If you can, get to a boot sale over the weekend - there are always at least half a dozen or so up for grabs at our nearest one and most are priced around a fiver.

Although I use all Manfrotto kit that I've had since my serious birding days I found a really good Velbon with a pan/tilt head for ?7 earlier this year to convert a bow stand for indoor at a boot sale, something that would cost ?70-?80 on eBay so a massive bargain.