X10 are so weak


The Easton hot melt melts a bit below 100C - a kettle of water works fine for removing points. Easton warns that the 7075 aluminium shouldn't be heated above 200C because the strength decreases. The standard heat treatment for the 7075 alloy includes a step of several hours at 100-120C - a few minutes won't make a difference but it emphasizes the temperature range in which the alloy is changing.
I didn't have a good idea about the critical temperatures the cfrp and bonding layer so I took two small pieces cut from a broken ACE and put one in the oven at 150C for 5 minutes. When squished lightly with pliers, it seemed a bit easier to deform, and when pressed a bit more the carbon came off the aluminium very cleanly. I did the same with the piece that didn't go in the oven -it took more force to deform, and when it broke parts of the carbon fibre stayed attached to the aluminium. So a few minutes at 150 is more than enough to damage the bond with the aluminium, and I wouldn't be surprised if the time needed to install the steel points with the heat gun at 150C put you close to the critical time.


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Good info - thanks for that. In fairness I don’t think they were heating the points to 150C just using a 150C heatgun. But yes... I think it is too hot and could lead to damage.



After looking on easton website without any luck, I found yesterday on reddit the email for tech support, let's see whet they think on my problem....