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Hi there!
Thanks for contributing the benefit of your experience on my topic about all my arrows going left!
Very kind of you to offer to send the connector for the sight thread, I have been looking for some but couldn't find any. Is this the way I should send my address or is there a better way?
Private message is the most secure. I think profile posts are visible to anyone who looks.
Wally the wall bow is back on the wall. I had toyed with the idea of shooting him once more, but the knowledge that he had been repaired just didn't make me confident enough. Each time I came to full draw and anchored, the doubt crept in ," is this when I hear a warning crack?" I'm going back to my 71" Jezebelle, if she'll have me.
Jezebelle forgave me for experimenting with Wally, shot sweetly in a 900 on Saturday, and is coming with me to the 55+ Games in Kelowna. 3D Thursday, Target Friday, Field Saturday. Woop, woop!