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Wally the wall bow is back on the wall. I had toyed with the idea of shooting him once more, but the knowledge that he had been repaired just didn't make me confident enough. Each time I came to full draw and anchored, the doubt crept in ," is this when I hear a warning crack?" I'm going back to my 71" Jezebelle, if she'll have me.
Jezebelle forgave me for experimenting with Wally, shot sweetly in a 900 on Saturday, and is coming with me to the 55+ Games in Kelowna. 3D Thursday, Target Friday, Field Saturday. Woop, woop!

Not sure about the advertising rules, so thought PM best.

The majority of shoots I have gone to use TenZone targets; hire details here: https://www.tenzonetargets.com/?portfolio=tournament-target-hire

They are around ?22 per boss per tournament day to hire, so an increase of ?6 or so on the fee should broadly cover it (?18+ seems to be the lower end of the fee for shoots that use them), assuming reasonable take up of places.

Steve (the owner) is a great guy, they will usually help set up and take down the field, and if they are available to do so they will often stick around to help the field party out as well.

Hope that helps,

Just read your post about nan max 27" riser etc. I use 27" nano max with 36# KG NX55 limbs which gives me 44# at 32.5" draw length. The limb bolts are around half way in/out. The ACE arrows are around 360gn and chronograph says 205 FPS. 410 X10 arrows around 196 FPS.

Link to limbs;


Hope that helps and good luck with your scores; they're brilliant!! I'm sure big archers with big draws are at a disadvantage with heavy arrows :)

Hi Chris, I saw your posts about selling your old Ateletic bow. I was just researching info on these as I have one myself. I'm not selling it but I'm taking it out of retirement to use as an indoor bow. Mines a 70" and 36lb. I remember it shoots lovely. Did you find out anything more about the history of them? I got mine from Perris in Essex. They did not help any further except saying they were French.